Tom Malone

Writer & Photographer


Tom Malone has always loved storytelling. He grew up in Portland, a city full of concrete in close proximity to untamed forests. A city full of books. A city full of perspectives. A city full of stories. Inspired by rap, classic novels, and adventure films, Malone decided to pursue storytelling further. At University of Oregon, Malone majored in journalism and history, where he explored different storytelling styles until he found his two passions: writing and photography.


As a writer, Malone has published multiple works of fiction, including Portlanders, Captured, and Across Americana. His nonfiction pieces have appeared in international publications, and his poetry earned Bel Esprit's Havoc Award in 2021. Malone continues to write marketing-focused commission pieces as well. His recent writing features include:


And photography has taken him around the world, from Machu Picchu to Paris to the Rocky Mountains in his own backyard. Malone's photography has been recognized with appearances in international publications. He continues to photograph portraits of people during their most important moments, from weddings and engagements to high school seniors and newborns. His recent photography features include:

Moving Forward

Now, as a secondary English teacher, Malone pushes young people to find their own voices, to see the world through different perspectives, and to tell their own stories. And he's always looking for another story to tell. Scroll on to take a look at some of his recent stories.

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New Releases

Ghosts of Machu Picchu

Fiction | 2022

Quinn has everything that he could ever want: a high-paying job, an adoring girlfriend, and an established life in the big city. Still, he feels a void in life that he can’t seem to fill. And then, everything changes. Quinn finds himself alone in Peru, where he embarks on an adventure to trek to the legendary city of Machu Picchu. The journey, shrouded in mystery, will shape his life forever.


Fiction | 2021

Michael had his entire future planned. He was going to propose to the love of his life and he had saved enough money to buy a house in the country. But, after a celebratory night out in the city, Michael wakes up in an underground tunnel system, the hidden network for the city's illicit activities. He’s a prisoner, chained to a post. Captured. After a march through the underground tunnels, Michael is sold into servitude to a ship captain bound for Shanghai, destined for a life of misery, of invisibility, of disappearance. But, as Prohibition dawns in the United States, opportunities arise. Opportunities for gain, for loss, and for revenge.