Born and raised in Portland, Oregon, I spent time in both a raw, urban environment and in the vast, green rainforests that circle the city. I gained an appreciation for the beauty and intricacies of both settings. As an adult, that drive to explore new places only grows stronger.

I push myself to seek new adventures, meet new people, discover new places, and learn as much as possible. Whether on a road trip in Colorado, or in an Incan ruin in Peru, I find joy and fulfillment in the art of adventure. Through writing and photography, I try to capture how I see the world: optimistic, bright, and full of wonder.

I look forward to connecting and collaborating with fellow adventurers who have a passion for exploration, learning, and creativity. Don't hesitate to connect through email, or across social media. In the meantime, enjoy the adventure!




Taught History, English, and Spanish at the secondary level; Google, National Geographic, Khan Academy, and EdPuzzle certified.



Wrote, photographed, and edited original content for Adventure Productions, Adventure Originals, and The Adventure Tribune.

Uni. of Portland


Earned master's degree in education. Produced original research about the relationship between confidence and success.

Uni. of Oregon


Earned bachelor's degree in journalism and history with a minor in Spanish language.


Landscape Photos

Decorative wall hangings, canvases, and photo collections to brighten a living area or work space.


Family photos, senior pictures, business head shots, engagements photos, and wedding collections.

Event Photos

Sporting events, live concerts, speaking engagements, wedding celebrations, and more.

Copy Writing

Journalistic articles, creative writing, speeches, and other forms of written content.

Copy Editing

Grammar edits, content revision, style guides, etc.

Video Creation

Filming, interview, b-roll, sound, pre- and post-production.