Tom Malone

Photo · Film · Words

I love telling visual stories through photography. Whether it's a spontaneous moment at a special event, the face of a portrait, or the raw grit of the street, photography allows us to capture a moment and freeze it in time. Check out my portolio for my latest photos.

Using motion and sound to tell a story provides a unique opportunity for creativity. From business profiles to highlight reels, from documentary to music, I enjoy the process of film and video production. Check out my portolio to see what I've been working on lately.

Using words to paint a picture is a fun experience. The detail and creativity that comes with the written word has allowed humans throughout history to pass along our stories, from realistic to literary. Check out my portfolio to see what I've been writing lately.

I'm thrilled that you stumbled upon my work, whether through a recommendation or complete accident. I love telling stories in creative ways, whether that's through photography, film, or the written word. Let's connect, and let me help you tell you story.