Explore the story of world history through the lenses of major civilizations, eras, people, and cultures that have shaped the world we live in. This brief overview of world history will spark interest, refresh understanding, and provide a well-rounded view into how the world has reached its present state. The history of the world is complex and exciting. It’s dynamic and riveting. And, at times, daunting and frustrating. History is full of more drama and plot twists than any work of fiction. We’re living in it, and that’s what makes it so much fun.


Ben’s plan is unfolding perfectly. He is graduating from college. His dream job is set. Plus, his girlfriend is staying in his hometown and marriage is on the horizon. Then, on his college graduation day, he loses his job offer and his long-term girlfriend. Ben’s best friend, Chris, is leaving for the East Coast at sunrise. With nothing to hold Ben back, he embarks on a spontaneous cross-country road trip to New York City with Chris to begin an unforeseeable future. Along the journey, Ben encounters adventures that change his future forever as he travels Across Americana.


Sloan Fitzpatrick is nervous about his first day of seventh grade. His best friend moved to another state. The school bully grew taller over the summer, while Sloan remained short. Plus, he registered for a Newspaper class just because his crush was the Editor-In-Chief, even though he knew nothing about journalism. After interviewing a city politician for his first assignment, Sloan finds himself wrapped up in the school newspaper. But he also finds himself caught in a political corruption investigation and he’s in way over his head. Now, how’s he supposed to handle seventh grade?


Jason embarks on a six-month journey to study abroad in Spain. When he arrives, he knows nothing but his own culture: an environment of greed, spiraling economic standards, and fast-paced rat races. After encounters with immigrant pick-up soccer, exotic cultures, and pushing the limit of fun, Jason dives too deep into these Spanish subcultures. He may find it difficult to return to his life in the United States. Then, he meets a girl. Will love turn him into an expatriate?


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