Summer 2019 - A photojournalism adventure through a desert in the Rockies.

Summer 2018 - An adventure through one of America's most scenic and rugged landscapes.

Summer 2017 - A journey through ancient ruins along the South American continental divide.

Summer 2017 - An adventure to Ireland took us to the country's most iconic landscapes.

Summer 2017 - A trip to Paris brought us to a hidden street at the right time.

Summer 2017 - A journey through Lima leads us to urban surfing.

Summer 2017 - We stop in Limerick and discover a hidden gem on the Emerald Isle.

Summer 2017 - Dublin is a city rich with history, if you know where to look. So, we figured out where to look.

Summer 2017 - While exploring Machu Picchu, I climbed to the top of Huanya Picchu, whose ominous nickname pushed me outside of my comfort zone.

Summer 2017 -Tracking the historical path of my favorite author through Paris provided a fun journey through the city.

Summer 2017 - As we backpack through the Andes Mountains, we stop at a small coffee farm in the jungle.

Summer 2017 - Riding through Paris on a bicycle is an excellent way to explore the city.

Summer 2017 - Why was this seemingly insignificant game of boules so important to these old Parisians?

Summer 2016 - With little fly fishing experience, I set out on a solo day mission to learn how.

Summer 2016 - We explored the island's oceans and inner jungle on our journey through Jamaica.

Spring 2016 - A weekend hike to the Continental Divide Trail just outside of Denver.

Summer 2012 - After a planned side trip to Mt. Rushmore, we drive through the Badlands of South Dakota.

Fall 2011 - A spontaneous trip to the Bay Area led to a meeting with influential figures.

Fall 2010 - The story of an African immigrant seeking refuge in Europe.

Fall 2010 - While in Barcelona, we caught a match at one of the world's most epic sporting arenas to watch one of history's greatest teams.